Digital Trends 2022, Digital Trends in India

Technology Trends 2022

The technology landscape is changing drastically  with the advent of newer  technology , new technology created  using technology itself  AI & ML are classic examples . It is  very difficult to predict  the future in the technology industry due  to the dramatic changes in technology and limitless  challenges to innovation. The transition from one network […]

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Cloud Infrastructure: How to leverage free tier computing for new development & prototyping without any infrastructure investment.

Some enterprise applications require a lot of supporting infrastructure to mimic  the on-premises production environment  for suitable real-world tests. The application team – developers and IT operations team – needs to understand app performance in the real world with the best approximation of the specifics of the environment, so it can more accurately predict behaviors […]

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Essential Digital Marketing Tools for Brands – Chatbots

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There has never been more pressure on businesses to keep pace with the hyper-competitive digital environment and deliver a wide range of digital capabilities. In our new ‘Essential Digital Marketing Tools for Brands’ knowledge series, we explore the most relevant tools that marketers can and should leverage right away to drive digital visibility and RoI […]

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