Digital Trends 2022, Digital Trends in India

Technology Trends 2022

The technology landscape is changing drastically  with the advent of newer  technology , new technology created  using technology itself  AI & ML are classic examples .

It is  very difficult to predict  the future in the technology industry due  to the dramatic changes in technology and limitless  challenges to innovation.

The transition from one network device to another is transparent and uninterrupted. When seamless integration is used in the event that a new application, module or device is added and works smoothly with the existing system.

Power backup: Next generation  battery and power backup systems will need only to charge their battery only for a couple of  hours in a month or months  together.

The Internet of Things (IoT)  will let us live in apartments that will monitor all our activities. Using various devices and peripherals available across our house , from kitchen to smart toilets.

Nanotechnology will  play a major role in  our lives, where the devices will be so tiny that can be ingested by humans , these devices can project insight from deep within our human autonomy.

Quantum computing  will be in wide use especially in  many areas, such as medical research, cyber security  and artificial intelligence. But it also poses a significant threat to cybersecurity, requiring a change in how we encrypt our data.

Digital fabrication technology, 3D Printing or  additive manufacturing, creates physical objects from a geometrical representation by successive addition of materials. A  fast-emerging technology , with many opportunities to produce designs  and prototypes that would have been very expensive.

Data Lake: With the  exponential growth of large data repositories our lives will not be the same as our private life will be exposed to the outer world so balancing convenience and privacy will be a challenge. 

Machine learning will play an increasingly important role going forward, some of the trends are, No-code ML, it’s the process of building ML applications without the need to do excessive coding.

Another revolutionary transformation in the field of machine learning is tinyML which enables ML-driven processes on IoT edge devices and devices with low power consumption.

Generative artificial intelligence (GAN) is the buzzword that uses machine learning to figure out new insights about content or objects, without one having to teach the model.

In this way, GANs do not require human interference, they build up  their own module by self-education. 

Unsupervised learning. Easy to guess its meaning by its name, unsupervised learning means there is no human intervention in the machine learning process. Instead, the ML model receives unlabelled  data from which it  draws any conclusions based on the data.

Robotics with the advent of AI & ML, Nanotechnology , more powerful and sophisticated  Robots are being developed  for doing  daily life household chores to sophisticated industrial work.

Autonomous world,  Things around the world are autonomous . Autonomous cars, Autonomous spaceships, Autonomous planes. People don’t want to drive  any more today , expecting their car to find its way by itself

Blockchain. It is a distributed, encrypted database model that has the potential to solve many problems around online trust and security. The most widely used digital currency, crypto currency, is the buzzword of the world today.

Massively Online Open Courses are changing the way  students and faculty interact in universities.  Today due to online free  education no one is deprived of high end technical  education,  anyone can learn what they need  with content from the best universities around  the world.

The world has moved online , everything is digital today , people are not hesitating to try out virtual dressing rooms  which people  didn’t think of a couple of years ago.

The world has embraced the next generation of technology!
Welcome to the Era of distributive technology !

Credits and reference : IEEE CS 2022 Report
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