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How To Maximise Media Returns on YouTube

Madhur Sugar exceeds Brand Goals with YouTube festive video campaigns The Challenge Madhur Sugar operates in a cluttered & commoditized category of Sugar. The brand faces strong challenges from the unorganized sector selling loose Sugar. Through this marketing campaign, Madhur Sugar wanted to drive recall and consideration in their TG of 18-45 Female Cooking Enthusiasts. […]

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How To Make Digital Deliver Business ROI

Digital Marketing Brief

Leveraging Agency Relationships To Meet Your Business Goals. Will start by sharing a recent experience that is common place and you may resonate with. I was talking to a brand team about the experiences that are important while defining the digital strategy. Brand manager ‘I know it, it’s one of the important aspects our organization […]

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Why Video marketing is in and how it drives maximum conversions

Trending Now: Video Marketing On LinkedIn Video Marketing, not the first time you are hearing this and believe you me you are going to be hearing and seeing this happen all around you, growing by the day. You might still be someone who hasn’t started yet and wondering does it really work? Are you the […]

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