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Using AI in Predictive Analytics: A Marketer’s Guide

Using AI in Predictive Analytics A Marketer's Guide

Online astrology websites have been the first movers on using Predictive Analysis. They’ve been using data and data-base driven technologies, for eons, to generate your horoscope within seconds. And today with AI, it can happen in real time, with real time data.  By analyzing large amounts of data, AI can identify patterns and predict future […]

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Driving Digital Within Your Company in 2019 – Part II

Top 10 Things You Can Do Taking off from what I shared in the part one, now let us address each show-stopper to become the digital marketing maverick that you are waiting to be. #1 Invest in digital talent. Hire an experienced and qualified digital marketing native, someone who has been an integral part of […]

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Driving Digital Within Your Company in 2019 – Part I

The Show Stoppers On the jury of the XIV Digital Marketing Conclave of IAMAI, 2018, it was heartening to get a close-look at the `client’-side of things with a fresh perspective. Any digital marketer, worth his salt especially one with 2-3 decades in sales or marketing, knows that digital can today totally change the game […]

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