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5 evergreen reasons to have your own website and domain name

In this era of Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, Facebook and other ecommerce and social media platforms, does it still make sense to invest in a website?

In my personal opinion, having a website is essential for a business and makes complete sense. Here are a few reasons why you should have your own website:

1. Data privacy

All the data that you capture on your website is your own as you will be the one who decides the data privacy norms. Of course you must ensure that the user’s privacy interests should be given the utmost importance without any compromise. However, the user data or any other information gathered on your website is your own and you don’t need to depend on any third party for the information.

2. Control

You will have complete control on the information that is displayed on the website in terms of types and formats of content as well as the duration it is shown. You also have the flexibility to restrict the content to selected audiences such as registered users or employees of the company by creating a secured environment.

3. Credibility

Having a website in which the organisation or business name has a  extension gives a lot of credibility to the organisation.

4. Flexibility

Complete flexibility on the type of content that can be shown on the website, ranging from simple information to complex data driven, animations based video, testimonials, infographics etc.

5. One Stop Repository

The website will become a content hub for users coming from all digital modes to access information about the company’s products and services. Also it can help disseminate information about the organisation such as the management team, success stories, company history, awards, etc.

Basis the above reasons, though not restricted, I would recommend all organisations to have their own website and URL and not depend on third party entities for a credibility certificate.


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absolutely valid and pertinent points. businesses concerned with privacy, control and credibility will surely find this convincing to take the step-forward towards owning their domain and website.

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