‘See Ganesha’ brings in our first Elephant at The 3rd Kyoorius Awards

And it’s a beauty!


Blue Elephant for Art Direction in Digital Marketing – ASUS India #SeeWhatOthersCantSee – See Ganesha

What makes the recognition really special is that it’s our very first Blue Elephant (Art Direction in Digital Marketing).


(From L-R) Rahul Patil – Animation Head, Mangesh Bhayde – Creative Director – Art & Design at bcwebwise, Koen Van Ovoorde, Owner at Adikt, Anthony Padayachi – Associate Creative Director & Elstan Rebello – Sr. VP – Sales & Servicing at bcwebwise.

Let’s call it conclusive evidence of the fact that God is in the details, because the idea that has brought the Blue Elephant award our way is See Ganesha‘ – a Ganeshotsav campaign from 2015 that expressed the devotion of millions of Indian households to the deity.

See Ganesha was a series of striking visuals shared by ASUS India on social media around Ganeshotsav to engage fans with the PixelMaster feature of it’s ZenFone 2 smartphones. The visuals depicted various naturally occurring and delicate forms of Ganesha in the tiniest sprouted pulses through macro-photography, asking fans to #SeeWhatOthersCantSee

See GaneshaRead the full story about the campaign here.

Well if God is in the details, his little angels have to be everywhere around us! Which brings us to the delightful Hamari Pari microsite for Hero MotoCorp‘s CSR initiative for the girl-child that was an in-book winner at Kyoorius. Based on the simple insight that empowering the girl child with education can improve the lives of those around them, HamariPari.com used an animated-narrative technique and adorable illustrations to tell the story of ‘Pari’ with every scroll.


HamariPari.com, in-book winner (Animation & Illustration in Digital Marketing) at Kyoorius Awards

To add to our excitement on winning the award, Kyoorius pulled off an event that is probably among the most stylish and professionally organized advertising awards in India. The best creative work in recent times and who’s who of the Indian creative landscape packed inside a huge dome bathed in neon blue – it all made the awards night a magical experience!

Great work, great award, great party! With its 3rd edition, Kyoorius has definitely secured a place among the top creative awards and annual destinations for advertising professionals. And we’re just getting curious!

Top Digital Trends to watch out for in 2015

The Indian digital market today has become a cornucopia of exciting action with over 200 million people using social media space and more than 250 million smart phone users. In fact as a nation of consumers who primarily use search engines to frame purchase decisions, we rank 4th in the world! Close to the heels of search engine marketing, is social networking that also accounts for a major chunk of digital marketing trends, and is expected to grow to phenomenal heights in 2015.

In Social Media, Million is just a Number!

By the turn of 2014 last year, India had reached an astonishing figure of 155 million mobile internet users with an impressive 100 Million mark for Facebook alone (http://www.digitalintheround.com/digital-marketing-trend-india-q1-2014/.

Digital marketers have instinctively been drawn towards the inherent potential of social media marketing, where every platform provides an opportunity to channelize information towards a particular target segment. Brand communications and content marketing constitute the key strategy-drivers for providing a high impetus to brands on the social media. Brands are engaging in powerful story-telling and witty ways to create that instant connect with consumers.

What Does 2015 has in store for us in terms of Digital Trends?

Digital Marketing has altered by leaps and bounds in all these years and if the companies want to stay in the game, they need to up the ante and create a seamless branding experience across all media channels. While customers have the option to access information across various channels, it is also a challenge for the marketers to tweak their campaigns as per the platforms. Here’s what we can expect in terms of digital trends for 2015:-

Content & Customized Marketing Will Lead

Digital marketers will retrace their steps and get back to the basics of evaluating and analyzing their target audience, a trend that has sadly declined in the past few years. Tailor made content and customized marketing campaigns have already reached a tipping point and the way further would be to re-prioritize resource allocation.

Value Added Selling Will Rule

Placing all your eggs in the ‘sales basket’ will no longer work. Selling alone will not make the cut and the consumers will start ignoring the ones that do nothing but sell. Marketers will now have to realign their resources and energies into adding more value to the service – very much digitized – along with the product that they are selling.

End to End Customer Experience

Digital marketing will take a deeper approach by shifting its focus from demand creation to providing an end-to-end solution to the consumer. The idea is to make it a journey and a continuous experience.

Emotional and Intellectual Connect Will Dominate

2015 is the year when digital marketing will face a paradigm shift and will gain acceptance as an ecosystem rather than being a marketing strategy. This ecosystem will integrate process of attracting, engaging and retaining the customers by giving them readily available access to information regarding what they want. Gone are the days when the marketers could get the customers on board by just preaching them. It is now about creating an excitement towards their brand that provides information and connects with the prospects at intellectual and emotional level.

Innovative Interaction Will Win

It is likely to see many large brands usurping media channels to gain a more loyal base of audience as end-user patience runs low, while competition is at an all time high. More human contact is expected through the intensive digital marketing strategies as the dull and boring campaigns stand no chance to sustain the mounting competition. It is the age of innovation and human interaction through video marketing and short, witty messages.

Transparency & Genuine Relationships A Must

Virtual story telling is the name of the game in emerging digital trends. This will not only help the brand stand out but will also help them engage with the target customers at a one-to-one level. Brands will now focus on creating genuine connections online if they want to earn trust and loyalty of their target customers.

Mobile Data Analyitcs Will Evolve

Mobile data will be the crowning glory of 2015 when it comes to digitization. It helps in eliminating barriers between receiving a message and then taking a subsequent action. Smart digital marketers should be able to use the mobile user base as the unifying principle to create effective strategies that can integrate marketing and human centric business models.

Youtube & Facebook

Facebook may continue to be the main tool when it comes to connecting with users, despite becoming a platform that will get more expensive to reach your use base, and will be shoulder to shoulder with Youtube to iwhere the secret to viral hits lies (http://www.digitalintheround.com/digital-marketing-trend-india-q1-2014/).

The Bottom Line

Digital trends will continue to reign supreme when it comes to 2015 and still be the preferred choice for the marketers to reach out to their target audience. However, to retain the loyalties of flippant consumers, it is imperative to keep quality of the marketing initiatives well-curated and thoroughly engage the audience by creating structured campaigns.


Investing in Mobile Apps for Marketing: Scope and Challenges

Shailendra More

Shailendra More – Mobile Developer Lead

Mobile Apps are not just representative of cutting-edge digital technology, they have also revolutionized the face of business marketing worldwide. With an increasing number of users relying on internet-enabled mobile devices, there is a high-potential consumer base in mobile phones, for marketers across all niches. Needless to say, this realm is of course plagued with intense competition, and it often becomes a debatable topic whether it is monetarily worthwhile to invest in mobile apps for marketing, despite its various challenges. Here’s a quick look at them:-

Challenges in Mobile Apps Marketing
  Choice between a site or an app
The biggest question while designing the mobile strategy is if you should go for an app or a mobile site to promote your business. Many players fail to take consumer behavior into consideration when implementing their strategy.

Delivery of mobile content
The content that is delivered through mobile apps or marketing should optimize the user experience. The biggest challenge is when the sites are not compatible with the screen size of the device that can mean loss of business.

Privacy concerns
The marketers using the mobile platform need to be extra sensitive towards the privacy of the users. They must seek permission before they involve the users in any promotional activity.

Tough Navigation of the content
The mobile screen has a small size with no external hardware like a mouse which means that the navigation can be a bit of a challenge. Some of the ads may not even be viewed because of the hassles involved in screening the content.

Myriad Benefits and Scope

A smart marketer will aim at overcoming the aforementioned challenges to reap the myriad benefits of investing in Mobile Apps.

Quick Results
Most of the users will receive your marketing message as soon as it is sent. The message will be received even if the mobile phone is on standby mode. This is the reason the mobile marketing methods show instant results.

Budget Friendly
It is comparatively more economic to design images and content for mobile viewing that a full fledge website. This is why the mobile marketers can share part of their profits in the form of incentives for using their mobile app or site. This promotional technique can be used effectively to push the business to your end customer.

User Friendly Interface
To make the site or the app user friendly, the content developers need to limit the size of the content as per the screen size which is much easier to work with. The content is basic and uncomplicated for the users to get information quickly.

Reach out to your customers directly
The mobile marketing strategy has been designed in such a way that it interacts with the use directly. This makes the ad and promotional activities more personalized with greater propensity to show results.

Easy to track the response
The marketers can easily track the effectiveness of their mobile campaign which helps them in analyzing the user behavior. This can further culminate to enhancement of services and user experience.

Success Stories
While we’ve assisted many of our clients in the realm of Mobile App Development, the Golden Bonds Mobile App for Pidilite (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scriptlanes.goldenbonds&hl=en), is definitely noteworthy of mention. With its stimulating layout, easy to navigate pages and excellent compatibility, it has been tailor-made to assist architects and interior designers in the process of choosing substrates for surfaces. There has been overwhelming positive response from the Pidilite Consumer Base, ever since the launch of this app in January 2014. Yet another innovative app is the Racold’s “Steam a Doodle” App (https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/racolds-steam-a-doodle/id824151734?mt=8) that allows users to create, save and share steam doodles!

The greater the innovation, the greater is the success as far as the intensely competitive zone of mobile apps is concerned. It’s definitely a zone worth treading for every digital marketer!