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Video Marketing: A Lucrative Opportunity for Digital Marketers

We all receive a number of marketing messages through the day- from Print Ads in our Morning Newspapers to TV Commercials, Billboards, Emails, Promotional SMSs and more. In this never-ending stream of marketing messages directed at us 24×7, only a handful actually strike a chord with us. Why is that so? As marketers, it is […]

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Unleash the Power of WhatsApp in your Marketing Campaign

When the cross-platform instant messaging service, WhatsApp was launched by 2 former Yahoo employees in 2009, nobody would have offered 1 in a million odds for its current popularity. From being a rage amongst smartphone users for its brilliant chat, media sharing and integrated mapping features, this platform is now a powerful marketing tool as […]

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Fish’s Day Out

Doing agency offsite workshops is fun.. and it’s not just about drinking, dancing and partying all night. We made it into an action-packed creative stimulii event involving each and every member of BC Web Wise, including our admin and HR so that across teams we had a buy-in on what we do, and we could […]

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