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Online Response Management to become a game-changer

Online Response Management to become a game-changer

84% of customers trust online reviews before visiting a business, making it clear online reputation is one of its most valuable assets to cultivate a favorable digital presence(1). Whether it’s a review on a third-party site, a comment on social media, or a rating on a business directory, each piece of interaction contributes to the overall image of the brand. 

In a customer centric era, where trust and reliability are paramount, maintaining a positive online reputation is not just a marketing concern but a critical element for attracting and retaining customers. One in three consumers (33%) would avoid a business with a bad online reputation(2). The risk of a bad online reputation shouldn’t be underestimated. Forbes reported 94% of consumers avoid visiting a business with a bad reputation. Businesses with just one negative article ranking online risk losing over 20% of prospective customers. Businesses with four or more can experience a loss of up to 70%.(3)

Studies indicate that customer churn can lead to a loss of 15-50% of your annual revenue if a business fails to actively engage with its audience on social media. Whereas  reducing churn rate by just 5% can increase revenue by 25–95%. Therefore, ORM in social media is not just about monitoring; it’s about actively participating and engaging to build a loyal community.(4)

 The integration of online responses with actionable Business Intelligence(BI) offers a pathway to not just understand but anticipate customer needs. The possibilities are endless; let’s explore how everything is related to how you deliver experiences to your customers.

Integrating an ORM tool with advanced analytics and AI capabilities marks a strategic move that allows you to:

  • Sift through extensive data, identifying prevailing buyer’s sentiments and customer complaints about any products, price, or stores to address concerns and adapt offerings in real-time.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by improving your Customer Experience(Cx) with Predictive Personalization before the customer even expresses a demand.
  • Grasp customers’ real needs and optimize touchpoints, turning every interaction with your brand into a continuous loop of improvement.

Several leading brands have already begun to harness the power of online responses, and BC Web Wise has been a pioneer in reshaping real-time customer engagement and BI together.  Hence consolidation of Online Reputation Management (ORM) through a single end-to-end service agency offers unparalleled advantages, giving brands a comprehensive, unified view of their presence and performance. By choosing BCWebWise for your ORM needs, we enable you to make informed marketing campaigns that are very targeted to customer insights & business. 

Contact us today to start your journey towards a more cohesive, powerful brand image.

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