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6 Must Haves To Enhance Your Campaign

While you must be using the commonly used social media platforms like Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn and Twitter, here are some platforms that you must add to increase your reach!

With reels, online shopping, live streaming, paid advertising and more trending on social media, you all must be wondering what are the trends that will help you enhance your campaign in the year 2022?

According to us, here are 6 must haves to enhance your social media campaign in the year 2022:

Short-form Video Apps – Reels, Moj & Takatak:

Videos have become a core component to enhance your social media campaign. But when we talk about videos, always remember that you need to grab your audience’s attention and hence leveraging Instagram Reels, MOJ and Takatak will help catch your audience’s attention.

What’s more is that if you have certain reels or videos that have been performing well, then you can turn them into an ad which will allow you to reach more people.


Vlog is a short form for video blog or video log. As we said earlier, video is very important to build an online successful strategy for your campaign. Vlog is one of them. The power of video or one can say Vlog is undeniable. Everyone is vlogging these days, and everyone wants their vlog to become big. To make a Vlog you need to know your target audience. And remember regardless of the platform you choose, it’s important to promote your content on that channel where your target audience is already hanging out.

Influencer Marketing:

In Influencer Marketing, the brands collaborate with the top influencers to promote their brand. It basically adapts the idea of celebrity endorsement and places it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign. And do note that Influencer Marketing is not something that will be held only on Instagram but Linkedin, podcasts and more are also going to see and use this trend. Now it is not only about selling products but also be used for more in a B2B context and for employer branding purposes in future.


When we talk about Twitter, then Spaces is one of the things that is definitely a must have for your campaign. Here you need not worry about buying any expensive equipment or your camera. All you need is your phone. All you have to use is your voice to build connections online and serve the communities through valuable content and conversations.

Live Streaming:

Due to the pandemic, face-to-face meetings turned into Zoom, Google Meets and live concerts turned into online live concerts where the artists have also performed from their homes.

To note: Live Streaming is not simply a trend but a sizable, profitable industry. Live content generates more viewers than an online video.


During the pandemic, Clubhouse became the hottest new social app. It is an audio only chat app where one can connect with each other to talk, listen and learn. Anyone can join the app and converse with people all around the world. From sports to tech to world affairs, one can join any group and listen to the conversation and be a part of it. Clubhouse even introduced a chat feature called Backchannel so users can text-chat with people via direct messages even if they’re all in an active Clubhouse room, or after the room has ended.

So what do you feel are the must haves for your campaign in the year 2022?

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