The journey of the fishes so far…

15th September 2000 – This date takes me down memory lane to my first day at BC Web Wise. We were based out of Sewri, a small setup with a group of passionate digital marketers. Since then, it has been a journey of 19 beautiful years under the guidance of our Founder – MD, Ms. Chaaya Bharadwaaj who has always guided and encouraged me to do more. I had initially joined BC Web Wise as Chaaya’s secretary and under her guidance, I have come a long way, heading the HR team today.

BC Web Wise : From 2000 to 2019…

Chaaya started her journey with a two-member team and a pet fish which has now become a big fat family 🙂 From Sewri to Bandra and now in Mahim, we are a 100+ member team with presence across Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. At a time when people considered a website to be their only digital assets, we created Gang Of Girls for Sunsilk – naam toh suna hi hoga!

Having worked with clients across categories, we take complete pride in every piece of work that has come from us because of the people who have worked on it. Having a diverse mix of employees with varied interests has always worked to our advantage. In our design team, we have someone who loves painting, while another designer is a big craft fan and another one specialises in making Ganesh Murtis. This adds on to the overall art experience each one of them brings to the table.

Each day we believe in learning something new. Our founder herself has initiated weekly sessions that are on throughout the week focusing on learning and knowledge sharing. First up, we have Monday Matinee in which we view award-winning digital case studies. On Tuesdays, we have a Sales Workshop conducted by an industry expert. Wednesday is when the team heads meet to discuss their individual and team’s progress. The Tech team meets and discusses technology innovations during the exciting T3 session on Thursdays. Friday is our favourite when the jamming happens – all the employees break into groups and are given specific client briefs to jam on. This results in a lot of knowledge sharing and better collaborative work practice across teams.

While things have changed for good in the passing years, one thing that remains constant is the vibe that we all share. Our culture is a reflection of the values we believe in – honesty, sincerity and a sense of ownership, which we seek from every employee. We recruit talent by not only considering their expertise and experience, but also looking at the kind of person they are. Values are something we hold very close to our hearts – a key element of innovative thinking.

While a lot of things planned will come to life in the coming months, I am keen to know your thoughts about the culture of innovation at your workplace.

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