The Age of ORM: How highly responsive brands are winning the digital game

The-Age-of-ORMCustomer service is becoming a major differentiator for brands. Some call it a new religion for business.

To provide customer service, it’s important for brand managers to be aware of their online presence and their strengths and weaknesses on social media.

Ajay Malvankar, Associate Director- ORM, BC Web Wise

A successful social service strategy depends on brand managers’ ability to recognize and address both positive and negative customer feedback.

The primary purpose of Online Reputation Management (ORM) is to bring positive reviews and aspects of your business to the forefront, while addressing and neutralizing negative comments about your products and services responsibly.

Reputation leads to Revenue

A business’s reputation is arguably its most valuable asset. How your organization responds to customer complaints and compliments can affect your brand’s image.

Once it gets a bad reputation, everything about the business is affected dramatically. The reputation of your business is the key factor in sustaining your customers and making new clients and prospects.

ORM is basically a method to recognise, observe, and persuade online consumers about the reliability and brand image of your company. A good ORM strategy uses the internet and social media to enhance a brand’s image, credibility, and awareness, and identify new business opportunities.

Response Management across digital platforms

Whether the problem lies in the perception of the product, service, or with customer management – the right ORM consultancy can help you get to the root cause of social media negativity.

ORM experts work with a huge amount of online data and classify online conversations around your brand, thereby increasing the quality of insights and enabling informed decision making.

The ORM approach to enhancing the brand’s online image includes:-

  1. Responding to user reviews & comments
  2. Weakening negative comments
  3. Monitoring social media review sites
  4. Producing positive material to defeat negative scores


Before it’s too late!

From the customer’s prospective, how soon a brand responds to them is very important. Maintaining your turnaround time (TAT) can become difficult when the conversation flow is very high. On the other hand, consumers don’t shy from displaying their loyalty for highly responsive brands.

Consequently, a dedicated and always-on ORM process becomes an essential part of the digital marketing mix to build a great business reputation online.

In conclusion

Social media insights, negative and positive feedback, user reviews et al are extremely valuable to the continued improvement of your business. Engaging your online audiences while keeping the above tips in mind can help brand managers take fast decisions.

To know how we can help your business win the online reputation game, contact us today.


Thanks for sharing, Ajay!

I believe that ORM plays an important role in customer buying journey, today India has more than 13% internet penetration of the total population and majority of users before taking any purchase decision consider the reviews and customer comments.

The cost of ignoring the online reputation is huge and can directly have an impact on the business funnel. More to it, a robust technology is equally important to manage the same as continuous categorization helps to get a lot of inputs for internal service/product/ process enhancements.


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