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Why Video marketing is in and how it drives maximum conversions

Trending Now: Video Marketing On LinkedIn

Video Marketing, not the first time you are hearing this and believe you me you are going to be hearing and seeing this happen all around you, growing by the day. You might still be someone who hasn’t started yet and wondering does it really work? Are you the only one thinking about it or has anyone ever benefited from it?

Let me start from the start, Yes, video marketing is happening and growing multi-folds, thanks to users’ affinity towards videos. The trigger was Jio’s entry in 2016, offering never before amount of data for free or really cheap. Marketers, early adopters in this case, saw an opportunity and seized on to the growth in the popularity of video as a content marketing format. Come 2017 and video marketing rose to the top of the marketing tactic list. 2018 transformed video marketing from a singular marketing strategy to an entire business proposition.

“Today a marketing strategy without videos is like sending a paper plane into a war zone.”

How Is Video Content Performing on LinkedIn?

In terms of engagement, LinkedIn videos outperformed text by huge numbers.  LinkedIn members spend 3x more time watching video content over static ones.

LinkedIn provides a wide spectrum of video types to accommodate various budgets. A sizable budget is perhaps most vital for LinkedIn ad spend. (Image source)

LinkedIn video options

  • Embedded videos
  • LinkedIn native video
  • LinkedIn video ads

LinkedIn videos don’t require glitzy video production company or budgets or brilliant scripting. Just being your authentic self, giving readers a taste of expertise, and giving them a reason to seek out your content for more insights should establish the desired connection. Videos are great reusable content to expand your mailing lists or drive conversions on landing pages!

Another great thing about LinkedIn videos is that you get to see all the video analytics like the number of views, likes, and comments for your videos. Also, you get audience insights: top companies, titles, and locations of your viewers. You can find these audience insights in the dashboard section of your LinkedIn profile on both mobile as well as desktop.

Video marketing is NOT just for B2C, but B2B companies are leveraging it too.

This video is a classic example of how one rave review from a user has the potential to influence the audience; much more than dozens of self-promotional content pieces.

You can choose to try with certain use categories for your LinkedIn videos, namely:

  • Brand Awareness Spots
  • Recruiting Campaigns
  • Testimonials and Case Studies
  • Product Demos and Announcements
  • Real-time feedback on messaging

The potential is recognized but not yet realized. As more ad budgets will shift toward video, LinkedIn video ads will become increasingly relevant.

A proven video strategy with engaging, relevant content and a clear call to action stands to offer the best returns from your investment in LinkedIn video ads

So, if you are someone who is in the mix of putting together your marketing strategy and considering to include video, make it a point to not miss out on LinkedIn, which currently seems to be providing maximum conversions.

And if you need professional help in putting together a Video Marketing Plan and execute it for you, feel free to drop me a line on or simply WhatsApp on 9899290166.

Happy Video Marketing 🙂

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Rightly said, early adopters specially short form video platforms have already leveraged the free data it is brands’ turn to make max out of it..moreover they will have to be there to keep up with market & competition.

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