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 The Power of Influencer Marketing and How to Generate Results

With the social media-scape proliferating, brands go toe-to-toe with one another in a bid to garner and retain their audience’s attention. Influencer marketing comes into the picture to increase brand visibility by fostering trust and credibility amongst the audiences. Before we deep dive, let’s deep dive into the role of social influencer and influencer marketing.

Who is a social influencer? 

A social influencer is someone who specializes in a niche such as beauty, food, finance, geography, mathematics, politics and more. They helm their expertise to influence their social media followers. 

Influencer Marketing Decoded

To put it in a nutshell, it is when brands collaborate with an influencer to propagate brand communication. 

It’s a collaborative effort where a popular person, who more often than not is a real-life consumer, leverages their subject matter expertise and credibility to a brand. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind while creating your Influencer marketing strategy: 

  1. Define your goals

 Before you begin, think about your overall social media objectives and how influencer marketing will fit in. This will help you create measurable goals which you can track. 

  1. Define who you’re trying to influence

An effective influencer marketing strategy involves reaching out to the right audience using the right influencer marketing platform and the right mix of social influencers. 

You can start by creating personas of the audience you want to influence. Then, you can create a set of influencers who match these audience personas.

  1. Focus on the 3 R’s of Influencer Marketing

An effective strategy will be a mix of the 3Rs of influencer marketing – Reach, Relevance and Resonance. Reach, as the name suggests, speaks about how wide a net you can cast; relevance is the value proposition offered and resonance is how your audiences relate to the brand and the social influencers propagating the communication. 

Bringing it all together, influencer marketing is a strategy deployed on  social media platforms such as Instagram. You can say influencer marketing is word-of-mouth gone digital where influencers lend their expertise to brand perception. It helps strengthen brand recognition, improve audience engagement and increase conversations.

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