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How to increase followers with memevertising in mid-2019

Capturing the attention of social media users with banner ads or click baits is a tough job. The recent trend of sharing memes over social media has made this task much easier than ever before. Meme marketing is one of the best inventions in this digital era.

From children to the baby boomers, everyone is happy sharing memes with their loved ones. Sharing memes has become a voluntary habit of dwellers on social media.

  1. What is memevertising?
    The meme is derivated from the Greek word “mimeme”  which means being imitated. A meme can be an image, video, gif, or a piece of text that contains humor spread in many places across the internet with some modifications. Memevertising is slang for using memes for advertising or marketing. Moreover, it has spread as a means of communication, a foundation for virality for brands as well as a tool for bonding with like-minded customers. Visually associating the company with humorous and trending ideas has benefited companies to better reach larger viewers. It enhances the brand image. With memes, brands can send messages to the public indirectly but more effectively. Some of the popular memes are:

      • Salt bae
      • Kermit the frog
      • Spongebob Squarepants
      • Thanos
      • The egg record
      • Pikachu
      • Birdbox
  2. How it is useful?

    Today’s population does not just get hooked on hashtags (#Instagood #tbt #mirrorselfie), abbreviations (lol, lmao, ttyl) but they are fond of memes too. The meme culture started with the Salt Bae meme going viral on social media. Humor lightens one’s everyday burdens and makes life a little less harsh. Memes are a great tool for laughter. You can bring smiles to your customer’s faces.Apart from being funny, they do a great job of seeking attention. Memes can send great messages without using many words. But you must choose the visual and the text wisely to ensure that it gets the attention you were expecting.To your surprise, memes have a higher search volume than Kylie Jenner
    2.1 Impacts a wide audience

    Sharing memes has become a daily ritual for accessors on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can share a relatable meme with your friends with one touch. A meme that is related to the brand at the same time can be connected with a large group of people spreads rapidly. As a result, reaching a wider audience. Memes are mostly based on current events. Trending movies, songs, challenges, images, dialogues are what make memes. So they also impose that your brand is modern. Showing people that you are parallel with the latest trends. The human side of the brand is reflected when you create memes. The personality of the people behind the enterprise is highlighted. Which is why memes show the real side of your business. And it is obvious that more people will prefer to communicate with a real person rather than business.

    2.2 Increases engagement
    An average person with a smartphone spends approximately 2 hours surfing on social media channels. This gives a fair chance that they are having a good laugh at memes.
    Advertisements with only promotional content will get you very low engagement. A majority of people will only scroll past such content. Whereas memes help you to boost participation in your posts organically. If viewers are amazed by the idea you might even get likes on it. Or maybe lots of commenting and sharing. If the meme becomes viral, it would be a natural promotion for your brand. That too without making much of an effort. Getting a hold of the right type of memes will attract a good number of followers on your page. Occasionally, memes can also lead to page likes as well as visits to the website providing you more back-links. Thus enabling more awareness of your products (which means increased authority and therefore rise in sales).

    2.3 Keeps audience entertained at low cost
    More and more marketers are making use of memes to keep their audience occupied. Memes can relate directly to the spectators while also connecting the message to your brand. Moreover, they can be a low-cost way of communicating with the audience while being interesting at the same time.By targeting the audience’s common struggles in a humorous way, companies build a community of admirers around them. A sense of belonging is created. The content in this way sticks to the memory of the customers making the brand memorable as well. Make the tune catchier so that your audience enjoys and gives you more clicks in return.

  3. Tips for marketing
    As effective as memes are you must not take them for granted. A careless choice can make your innocent approach turn offending and can lead to hatefulness.This is why you must look at these tips before moving ahead with your memevertising plan.

    3.1 Avoid direct promotion
    Concentrate on getting more engagement rather than direct promotion of the services.

    This is meme doesn’t look very appealing. The reason is it has focused only on advertising the company. Whereas this one is eye-catchy plus it has a very subtle way of advertising.
    You can easily guess what brand this represents. Yes, you are right! – It is Netflix. They didn’t even show their logo or give its name. But they did their homework by researching their audience’s behavior. And they got targeted the common behavior of its users. Thus, the memes went viral giving Netflix effortless promotions. To make memes like this one, you must define your audience. Gather facts on:

    • type of content liked by a majority
    • hyped movie, TV show, song or celebrity
    • most shared content by your audience
    • Common problems faced

    Find out your tone accordingly by getting data on the points mentioned above.

    3.2 Use fresh content

    Keep an ear out to know what is trending. Meanings of memes change over time. And they can become outdated too.

    It is possible to use an existing meme or create one of your very own. As long as you play it right, creating a meme can outweigh the virality of existing memes. But be sure to make use of something in fashion at the moment. Your efforts would go unnoticed if you use something that is outdated.

    It would be an additional benefit if you could find something that would stay fresh for a longer period of time. Meaning evergreen image or video would be a bonus.

    3.3 Ideas must be easy to understand

    Accept the fact that not everyone understands memes. So, you not only need to be humorous but also as simple as possible. Take care of the words you use. Avoid technical terms. It must be clear to someone who does not work at your company.

    3.4 Add actions
    Add some suggestions to react to your memes or captions. For example:

    • Tag your friends
    • Share with your group
    • Tag your crush

    Use relevant hashtags to make the meme visible in search results. You can ask questions related to the meme to get comments. Generating poles is a new feature on Instagram and Facebook.

    By adding such things you can achieve increased involvement on your page with memevertising.

  4. Conclusion

    To summarize, memevertising is the latest invention in digital marketing. It is a cost-effective, funny and catchy method of advertising. As interesting as it seems, it is easy to get the right meme at the right time. Keep yourself updated and make the most out of your meme marketing strategy.

Share your favorite memevertising with us in the comments below.

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