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Video Marketing: A Lucrative Opportunity for Digital Marketers

Shayesta Shahzabeen – Account Director

We all receive a number of marketing messages through the day- from Print Ads in our Morning Newspapers to TV Commercials, Billboards, Emails, Promotional SMSs and more. In this never-ending stream of marketing messages directed at us 24×7, only a handful actually strike a chord with us. Why is that so?

As marketers, it is critical that we make a profound impact in the few seconds of attention that the average time-starved consumer can give us. And this is possible only if your content is highly innovative, engaging, precise and quick. This is where video marketing is extremely effective and often scores higher than other formats of content dished out to consumers today.

A Look at Global Trends

Video watching is a fast-growing trend today. The most sought-after video content categories start from Entertainment, and go on to Lifestyle, News, Social Services, Sports, Technology, Finance, Health and Travel. While certain statistics indicate that millennials are largely associated with this upward trend, the remaining age-groups also have a sizeable chunk of avid video-viewers. This is evident from the fact that the practice of global video watching has doubled in the last three years, which is no mean feat, and cannot be solely attributed to a particular age-group.

As a Digital Marketer, this content format offers a plethora of opportunities to explore. Above all, the sheer enormity and diversity of the user-base in itself is the single-most motivating factor that is propelling marketers towards utilizing online video marketing.

Here’s a look at the comScore Video Metrix Report of July 2014 pertaining to segments of video viewers in India as well as a cross-country comparison:-

Sl No. Age Bracket Average Videos per Viewer Male Female
1 15-24 66.8 14.2 8.5
2 25-34 62.8 13.8 8.4
3 35-44 57.3 5.6 3.8
4 45+ 53.2 3.1 2.1


China Russia Brazil India
Video Audience (million) 447 69 74 59
Videos (Billion) 47 15 19 3.7
Minutes per viewer 695 1440 923 414

Phenomenal Success Stories in the Realm of Video Marketing

Imagine a small or medium-sized business that generates 50% of its customers from video marketing! This is definitely not an exaggerated figure, as is evident from the YouTube case study of Rokenbok, a San Diego-based manufacturer of robotic toys and construction systems. (

The modest beginnings of Staci, an Austin-based avid knitter who started ‘VeryPink Knits’ on a small scale, has seen phenomenal success today with the aid of online video marketing. Her success story can be viewed on

Our Take

As a full-service digital advertising agency, we have always focused on the use of innovative videos to empower our brands online. As part of HUL’s Project Sunlight, the following 2-minute social experiment captured on video spread the intended message of sustainable living, in an extremely powerful and impactful manner. The simple message communicated through the”>

‘Can kids influence change our world?’ drove across a point that no other marketing medium or channel could possibly bring about.

Likewise the series of videos created for the launch of Sunsilk Thick and Long and the deep and lasting impact on strengthening brand identity is reflected in this

Another example worth mentioning is the Recycle Effect

created for Fevikwik which deftly uses animation to put across a powerful message and demonstrates that you don’t always need big budgets to create impactful videos.

Advantages of Cashing in on the Video Opportunity as a Brand

If you’re one amongst those who are yet to incorporate videos in your marketing campaign, here’s a quick look on the top reasons why you must begin right away!

  • High Engagement Levels as compared to any other form of content
  • Wide Reach – Unlike traditional marketing avenues, videos know no boundaries, and can reach out to a global audience
  • Easy to Share on Social Media
  • Prompt and Precise in message- Enables you to communicate within a very short time span, thereby keeping the message short and to-the-point
  • Ample Room for Creativity- Interview Videos, Ad Videos, Game Videos, Brand Videos, How-to Videos, Vlogs, Vines, Case Study Videos, Event Videos, Presentations and many more options for creative marketers.
  • Establishes an Emotional Connect with the audience when strategized thoughtfully




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