Facebook Introduces Offers, Share exclusive offers only with Facebook fans for free!

It appears that in a bid to become advertiser friendly, and get closer to delivering ROI, Facebook has introduced Offers. With this option, brands can now provide exclusive offers to their Facebook fans via status updates. Facebook evidently also hopes that these posts will be further promoted by brands to reach a larger audience.

Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers Display

This is how it appears on the page next to Status Updates:

The way in which you post an offer further has 3 options:

Options for Facebook Offers Posting

This appears to be in beta as not all brand pages have it, so don’t be surprised if your brand page is not showing up this option. May be you could contact your Facebook relationship manager to get this enabled for you.

The brands we stumbled across using this feature is the etailer brand Fashionandyou.com and firstcry.com on its fan page.

Fashionandyou.com Facebook Offers
First Cry Offer on Facebook Availed By Fan

Once a fan avails of an offer, you get further visibility as their engagement becomes known to their friends.

Clearly Facebook is exploring newer and relevant means to appeal to the brands that are using its platform to engage with an audience, and hoping that these measures will help to increase advertising spends on the social network. After all with General Motors announcing that it was pulling out of Facebook, did send ripples in the market questioning Facebook’s advertising’s efficacy.

Further unlike a Google that has been focusing its sales pitch on ROI, the social network has had done little to build and market advertiser-led case studies , even while it attempts to assist marketers with analysis at a click on the reach and engagement your Facebook initiatives have managed to achieve.

But the real question is that just like Google’s practices that can be questioned particularly when it comes to PPC, and its algorithms can regularly challenge many an SEO expert (search engine optimization) equally challenging is Facebook’s own mechanisms of ensuring that a limited number of users only can see your posting. Facebook has the Edgerank.

Not more than 16 per cent of your Facebook friends can see a wall post or status update. While you can adopt various strategies to try to increase the reach, fact is that all of this requires more hard work and resources, and use the `promote‘ feature and `offers’ feature might just help you reach many more of those audiences faster!

When Ratan Tata Tweets, You Really Need To Ask “Have I Been Ignoring Twitter?”

When a stalwart industrialist like Ratan Tata, with just 57 but powerful messages to the world does it on Twitter, it would be the penultimate call for Industry leaders who are, to a great extent, still ignoring the power of the web. Especially when these select few tweets get picked up and covered by the largest selling business news paper in the country – The Economic Times.

In fact, Tata, the article opines, has bypassed traditional communication channels to directly talk to the world. This is a huge move from the 143-year old and otherwise hard-walled Tata Group.

What this also states is the power of Twitter. Unlike an Anand Mahindra who has 534928 followers and 4078 tweets, Ratan Tata has 289307 followers and tweets occasionally. The point is who are the tweeple reading the tweets? And what is the multiplier effect that the tweet can have. This is because the tweets can be read by key influencers – the media, opinion makers, opinion seekers, brand ambassadors, consumer loyalists, researchers, bloggers, et al — who then carry it forward to the world.

The impact a Tweet can make can be much more powerful than the status updates a brand does on a Facebook.

If your brand has a face, that face can make one powerful Tweet that can be read and transformed into gigantic proportions. In fact it was the Indian Premier League (IPL) founder Lalit Modi’s Tweets that the media got wind of and replayed on print and TV over and over again. That’s what made Twitter popular in India.

You may well have 2000 followers on Twitter as opposed to 200,000 on Facebook, but there may be a powerful 20 in these 2000 who can explode your ROI positively.

How Facebook’s Close Friends Feature Can Affect Your Brand’s Wall Posts

Close Friends Feature on Facebook

Close Friends On Facebook


Have you stumbled across the Close Friends feature on Facebook? It appears as an alert as you log in to your Facebook profiles. A very welcome feature indeed considering large networks of friends one gathers over time. With friends of friends, work acquaintances, random people, far off relations, absolutely unknown people and all of their status updates filling up your wall, Facebook as a true friends’ network was not serving at its optimal best. A chance to see only posts from significant few who matter the most is a welcome change.

Jump to Close Friends on Facebook

Jump to Close Friends on Facebook

So here’s what the Close Friends Feature does. It suggests and allows you to star the select few friends whose updates you want to know about the most. What’s even better, these friends will not know you tagged them, so this is a little secret between you and Facebook’s backend program.

Close Friends Suggestions

Close Friends Suggestions

You can change and alter this list whenever you want. Everytime you open the Facebook page you can select the Close Friends option and see only news feeds from them.  Essentially Facebook has taken its `lists’ feature and taken it a step further making it simple and quick for users to follow who they want to the most and minimizing the clutter.

What does this mean to posts made on Brand Pages ? Currently the wall posts made by brands on their brand pages go into the news feeds of the fans that have `Liked’ them just as the status updates of those in the friends networks of their fans appear. Once the Facebook user opts for the Close Friends option however, they will see only the posts made by these close friends! In other words the status updates or wall posts made by brands are likely to never get seen at all by Facebook members because they can only select `Friends’ or `People’ and not pages or groups that they follow!

So time for Facebook to introduce a ‘Pages I Follow’ listing, that will enable users to also track the brand posts they would like to see. This will not only be user friendly, but will really help to give better visibility of brand posts to serious fans.

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