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Why Video Marketing is the Future of Digital Advertising

According to a study by Statista, video ad spends are expected to reach $9.26 Billion by 2024. Currently the most trending content format on popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is videos. The last couple of years have seen the rise of short video format apps like TikTok, Moj, MX Takatak which are driven mainly by video content.  

Let’s look at some of the reasons for video marketing becoming the future of digital advertising and what it means for your brand:

1) Social media content is dominated by videos

With the way social media apps are designed, it’s far easier to watch content than to read. This makes a strong case for the popularity of videos on social media platforms. This has led to an increase in YouTube video marketing over the last few years.  

2) Videos make your brand more memorable

This one’s a no-brainer. It’s far easier to recall an engaging video

than to remember what you read in a long-form blog post. With an increase in demand for video content by businesses and brands, there is a proportional increase in the number of video production companies in India offering video production services.

3) Videos make your brand more human

With their ability to craft a brand narrative through emotional, humourous, or engaging storytelling, video content can help your brand create a personal connection with your audience. 

The rise in the number of video production houses offering video production services over the last few years is a testament to the fact that videos are here to stay.

4) Video advertising can be cost effective

Not every type of video requires you to sign up a video marketing agency or a leading video production company in India. You can create engaging animated videos which can effectively tell your brand story. 

5) Video advertising can directly impact ROI 

With engaging video formats like shoppable videos and by embedding links of the products in the videos, you can easily drive sales through video marketing. To know more about Youtube video marketing services, click here. To conclude, video marketing can help in humanizing your brand, making it memorable and increase your engagement rates on social media. You can create an effective video marketing strategy by partnering with an effective video marketing agency.  To get in touch with BC Web Wise – the leading video production company in India, make sure to click here and leave your details. You can explore the best-in-class video production services offered by BC Web Wise by viewing the showreel here

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