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Did you know? Ajay Devgn used UX process in Drishyam


Dhrishyam, an Indian crime thriller film directed by Nishikant Kamant, left audiences on the edge of their seats with its captivating plot and masterful storytelling. Set in a small town, the movie revolves around Vijay Salgaonkar, a cable television operator, and his family, whose lives take an unexpected turn when they are entangled in a crime.

In this blog post, we will dive into Dhrishyam’s narrative and uncover the intriguing connections between the film’s themes and the world of UX design


Dhrishyam centers around Vijay Salgaonkar, a diligent family man who leads a quiet and unassuming life with his wife and two daughters. When his teenage daughter is harassed by a privileged young boy and his friends, a tragic incident unfolds that threatens to shatter Vijay’s world. In a desperate bid to protect his family, he concocts an elaborate plan to cover up the crime, setting off a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase with the local police. As the investigation intensifies, Vijay’s resourcefulness and quick thinking come to the forefront, testing the boundaries of morality, justice, and the lengths one can go to protect their loved ones. 

UX Process:

Understand Need: Vijay Salgaonkar’s need arises from the crime committed by his daughter. He recognizes the importance of concealing the incident and protecting his family from the potential repercussions. 

Empathize/Research: To formulate a plan, Vijay conducts extensive research on the daughter, the culprits and their families. He gathers information on their backgrounds, financial status, and their possible motives. This research helps him anticipate the actions and responses of the police and the victims’ families. 

Define Problem: The problem Vijay faces is two fold: how the police investigation will unfold and how his family will handle the pressure and scrutiny of the case. 

Design Solution: Vijay meticulously crafts a comprehensive story, mapping out a foolproof plan that covers a two-day period in Panaji. He mentally prepares his family to remain composed and strong in the face of police interrogation, ensuring that they all stick to the same narrative and present a unified front. 

Testing: The plan is put to the test when the police meticulously investigate each family member, subjecting them to pressure and torture. They cross-check CCTV footage, bus tickets, and hotel bookings from Panaji to scrutinize the family’s alibi. 


Through the meticulous planning, research, problem-solving and testing undertaken by Vijay Salgaonkar in Drishyam, we can identify the utilization of the UX process.

The film showcases the importance of empathizing with the needs of the situation, conducting research, defining the problem, designing a solution, and testing its effectiveness.

So, let the world of Drishyam inspire you to incorporate the UX process into your problem-solving endeavors.

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