When Digital Geniuses Clashed at the BCWW Box-Out 2016

It’s a Thursday evening and suddenly there is a different kind of energy at work. No one is at their desks. Teams have gotten together to brainstorm. The deadline is aggressive. Everyone needs to have their ideas ready for Box-out by 9 AM next morning.

Anita Rajagopalan, Creative Director – Strategy & Usability at BC Web Wise, and tireless coordinator of the BCWW Box-Out sessions.
Anita Rajagopalan, Creative Director – Strategy & Usability at BC Web Wise

So what’s Box-Out? It’s the brainchild of our founder, Chaaya, who feels that a great idea can come from anyone and from any team. Hence, she initiated breakfast meetings once a month where employees could exchange and improvise ideas. Today as BC Web Wise has grown in number, Box-out has become a half-day out-of-office session with teams ideating for our Brands.

How does Box-Out help our employees? Every team has an assortment of members from copy, design, tech, SEO and media. This helps improve cross-team communication and functioning. Also every member is encouraged to present, which is empowering. Teams have to work on brands other than their own, hence ideas are fresh. Working on different brands also helps employees to adapt easily to new accounts.

And to add to the excitement, each team was scored by a jury comprising of our team heads.

So hear from the fishes to truly understand what Box-out means to them….

“Man I was stressed, but I Loved this session, I got to learn so much today”

“Hey I did not know Nitin could present so well. He was so passionate about what he said”

“Lunch is awesome, especially the chicken”

“I was nervous like hell, but I did it”

“Hey… how did we present? You know we made these slides in like 2 hours.”

“Those creative mock-ups were awesome, award winning quality”

“When is the next session?”

Looks like everyone really had a great time!

Heartiest congratulations to the winning teams that designed campaigns for Fevicol Design Ideas, Nutrela and Dr. Fixit.

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