How To Trend On Twitter – A Case Study On Fevikwik Friendship Day Campaign

The Trendsetter – #ThatOneFriend

With Friendship Day round the corner, we decided to do a Twitter campaign for our client, Fevikwik – India’s leading adhesive brand that bonds instantly! The idea was to celebrate bonding with friends and create buzz for Fevikwik on Friendship Day through a contest. We aimed to get @Fevikwik_tweets or the hashtag (#ThatOneFriend) trending.

The campaign:

We invited tweeps to share something cool, meaningful, quirky and fun about #ThatOneFriend – a commonly used cyber phrase. Everybody has #ThatOneFriend friend they can borrow from and not bother to repay, or one who knows too much, or one they always call when they’re sad – tweeps had to name or tag that friend in their tweets to win a prize for themselves and the friend. These tweets were targeted to @Fevikwik_tweets.

We started talking about the contest on Facebook & Twitter 2 days before the contest. This helped create a buzz on the social platforms. Our fans and followers were already aware of the upcoming contest which increased the curiosity among them.

Fevikwik Twitter Campaign

Twitter Campaign Launch Tweets

The contest was announced on Friendship Day at around 10 a.m.

Fevikwik Twitter Campaign Response

Twitter Feed Responses

Tweeps responded with some witty, cool and meaningful tweets.  They tagged their friends to show their love on Friendship day. Many used #ThatOneFriend to hilarious effect. @Fevikwik_tweets engaged in active conversations with these tweeters to popularize the hashtag. Soon enough the Twitterverse was abuzz with mentions of #ThatOneFriend who was their support in times of need, who was their movie partner, who they could call up even at random hours, who was always broke, who never showed up on time and likewise.

With such a huge response it was not long before #ThatOneFriend was trending in Delhi followed by Mumbai. As more and more people picked up on the hashtag, an India trend was not far in sight.

Fevikwik Twitter Campaign Trends

Fevikwik Twitter Campaign Starts Trending

Even hours after the contest was closed, #ThatOneFriend was trending. It was not about the contest and the gratification anymore! The sheer joy of being able to thank their friends for their love and togetherness over the years made this hashtag popular with the tweeple.

Also, with over 500 mentions for @Fevikwik_tweets and an increase of about 50 followers, the brand garnered greater visibility and is now able to reach out to a larger number of people on Twitter!

Key Learning:

Being topical and actively engaging in conversations with tweeps led to an increase in our visibility over the twitterverse. It helps to talk to people rather than just giving them a topic to talk about.


When Ratan Tata Tweets, You Really Need To Ask “Have I Been Ignoring Twitter?”

When a stalwart industrialist like Ratan Tata, with just 57 but powerful messages to the world does it on Twitter, it would be the penultimate call for Industry leaders who are, to a great extent, still ignoring the power of the web. Especially when these select few tweets get picked up and covered by the largest selling business news paper in the country – The Economic Times.

In fact, Tata, the article opines, has bypassed traditional communication channels to directly talk to the world. This is a huge move from the 143-year old and otherwise hard-walled Tata Group.

What this also states is the power of Twitter. Unlike an Anand Mahindra who has 534928 followers and 4078 tweets, Ratan Tata has 289307 followers and tweets occasionally. The point is who are the tweeple reading the tweets? And what is the multiplier effect that the tweet can have. This is because the tweets can be read by key influencers – the media, opinion makers, opinion seekers, brand ambassadors, consumer loyalists, researchers, bloggers, et al — who then carry it forward to the world.

The impact a Tweet can make can be much more powerful than the status updates a brand does on a Facebook.

If your brand has a face, that face can make one powerful Tweet that can be read and transformed into gigantic proportions. In fact it was the Indian Premier League (IPL) founder Lalit Modi’s Tweets that the media got wind of and replayed on print and TV over and over again. That’s what made Twitter popular in India.

You may well have 2000 followers on Twitter as opposed to 200,000 on Facebook, but there may be a powerful 20 in these 2000 who can explode your ROI positively.