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How to Use Animated Video in Your Social Media Strategy

Animations are no longer the delightful surprises they once were – now, they are expected

Animation Simplifies Complex Topics

Animated videos can bring concepts to life that text or live videos can’t.

Keep the Autoplay in Mind

Videos in the News Feed start playing automatically. As a video creator, you should be able to grab people’s attention from the very first frame. Also, remember that videos in the News Feed play silently. They should be able to attract attention without sound. In this regard, an animation might work miracles.

Keep Your Videos Short

Keep your video short and entertaining. Today’s user has no time to watch lengthy videos. Sometimes they do watch, but only if the video is entertaining. For social media, keep video length max 45 sec to 01 min and for promotion keep it 15 sec. Try to add animations in the video to grab the attention.

Different Types of Videos for Different Media Channels

YouTube is for education, Facebook has a personal touch. Twitter is great for engagement and Snapchat for attention. To get the most from your videos, you want to use different types of videos for different channels. Animation allows you to experiment and see which type works best for your marketing.

Make People Feel Good about Themselves

When creating videos for social media, you should be aware of the fact that people will discover your creation via News Feed, next to a photo from a friend or a status update from a family member. If you want to get more shares and likes for your video, make it appeal to the audience. After all, people share stuff that makes them look good. A good example is Facebook’s Friends Anniversary videos.

To Cut a Long Story Short…

Video is a powerful marketing tool, and animation is a trending video type you don’t want to miss. Animation might be just the thing your business needs to get views, likes, and shares. It appeals to the audience by tapping their emotions. It also has dozens of formats and is easy to create.

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