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How to use social media to connect with your customers

Look around and you’ll find everyone on their phones. Be it your mom, the auto driver, the boyfriend, or the boss! The one thing undoubtedly that everyone’s glued to today – is the phone and more than that Social Media. The biggest and strongest influencer for most purchases today and we are thinking in the future too. This has been a game changer for most brands and has created a paradigm shift in which brands consider their platform mix.

Let’s look at how to use Social Media to create that lasting content : 

Not every size fits all – The importance of picking the Right Platforms:

As per your business and industry, pick a platform where your audiences are most active. Once you get the right mix of platforms, you target your audience as per their interests and their likes & dislikes. 

The Content Game – Be relevant : 

The more sticky your content is, the more impactful it is. Talk to your audience, hear their conversations, know the nuances, and drive relatability with your content. 

The Consistent Branding Tactic: Be consistent with your imagery

When you reappear in your consumer’s mind in a consistent way you are memorable. Consistency helps build brand recognition and gets consumers to notice your brand even more. 

Always CC: The Consumer Conversations 

When you show your consumers that you’re listening they turn into loyalists. Responding promptly to comments, messages, and mentions makes your consumer universe feel they are important and you value them.  

VOP: The value of personalization: 

Personalization pops up at every corner of the web – this benefits you to connect with your consumers in a way that makes them feel special. With personalization, you can tap into a massive amount of data and information from their communities and use it to personalize your marketing efforts.

The Power of Contests: Leveraging the competitive spirit of your audience 

Contests help you engage with your audiences and help you induce trials of your product. Not only do they attract new followers but also increase the shareability amidst communities. 

Val ‘you’- The ultimate tool Value:

When you provide valuable content, such as tips, tutorials, industry insights, and exclusive offers you get the consumers to save and share your content increasing the overall digital conversations of your brand that generate brand love. 

The Hashtag Advantage – The strategic move 

It’s one thing to use hashtags and another to use them strategically. When you use relevant hashtags it increases the visibility of your posts and helps you reach a wider audience and connect with your consumers. 

Analyses of Analytics: Uncover valuable insights to enhance your digital marketing strategy

It’s important to know if what you are doing is working or what is working the most. Review analytics to understand the content that is performing well and resonates with your audience. Your next steps are to simply implement this in your social media strategy. 

Keep up with trends: Build a relevant narrative with trends that connect with your audience 

The only way to stay relevant is when you give your audience what they are into or at least excited to engage with. E.g. Using AI in your ideas or voice search in your campaigns helps you generate digital conversations that are your goal as well. 

By connecting authentically with your audience and sharing relevant & informative content, you can use social media to your advantage and create stickiness with your consumers and increase brand love.

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